UCONNIC embodies all of UConn’s diverse culture and elements. The term refers to an event that will define UConn’s concert history and be a special experience and memory for all students. The festival combines elements of music, dance, art, fashion, and more. UCONNIC is more than a concert, it’s an experience that we want everyone to be a part of.

This year, UCONNIC is focused on one main motto: UCONNIC is for U. With this in mind all year, our mission has been to provide an experience for the students that is represented by the students. In addition, we are making this an experience not only for students to enjoy, but for students to take part in. This year we are bringing back student openers, and student art and organizations in the outdoor portion of the festival. Engagement and representation is what makes this festival as great as it is. UCONNIC is for U. It’s for the students to experience, and have a part in creating. It’s a unique and memorable event for UConn as a whole, as every piece of this campus brings something to our wonderful Music Festival.

The UCONNIC Music Festival will take place on April 8th, 2022 at Gampel Pavilion! Lineup announcement coming soon!